Friday, March 6, 2009

Recipe - Easiest Barbecue Brisket

This is an e-mail from my sister. Seriously, if you are hungry for bar-b-que, but don't want to spend money to eat out, fix this.

The instructions assume you know how to cook - and how long you cook it will depend on the piece of meat.

Brisket has gotten a bit expensive in the store, so I am thinking about trying this recipe on a cheap piece of roast. However, since I just bought 1/2 a beef (at 2.25 per pound, thank you very much) I won't be buying meat at a store for quite some time.

Recipe – Barbecue Brisket

On beef brisket, sprinkle garlic powder, onion salt, celery salt and 3 Tablespoons liquid smoke. Wrap in foil and refrigerate overnight. Next morning, sprinkle with black pepper and Worcestershire sauce. Wrap in the same foil and bake at 250°F to 275°F for several hours until tender. Let it cool, then slice and arrange in baking dish. Cover with barbecue sauce. Cover and bake so the sauce will cook into the brisket.

I see that there isn’t any temperature or time listed for the last step and I can’t remember what I did last time. It probably depends on how long it needs to be “held” while getting the rest of the meal ready.