Monday, June 17, 2013

Wow - can't believe I was right!

Well, actually I can.

I haven't bothered with this blog since 2009 because my Mom died, by boyfriend had a stroke..
my brother died.   Life got in the way.

But looking back on my blogs posts, I am rather proud to say I certainly hit it on the mark regarding
buying a house.

Buy a house you can live in for 10 years.  Don't expect to be able to sell it in 3 and recoup your

I have not been working (outside of the home) for 10 years now.  And, I still have money, which
continues to amaze me.   I guess I still have money because I was always worried about running out,
so was careful about my spending habits.

Having said this, we did manage to spend a month in New York City (Manhattan, Columbus Circle)
last November.  We rented a furnished apartment.   We drove, and I managed to get a cheap
monthly rate at the parking garage in the building.   I had to phone directly and speak with the manager,
but he let me have the special internet rate, and they were so nice.   We were close to Hell's Kitchen,
where there are lots of inexpensive interesting restaurants, and because we had a full kitchen, were
able to cook as many meals as we wanted.

If you have the time, it's always cheaper to stay somewhere for a month.   And if you are someplace
for a month, you get a real sense of the neighborhood, and can leisurely see the tourists sites, as
well as living like a local.

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